The Pros and Cons of Adopting Exotic Pets

monkeyIt is estimated that more than 20 million exotic pets are being kept in different homes across the US. The popularity of exotic pet keeping has grown massively over the last couple of years and many people are opting for these animals over the traditional pets such as dogs and cats. Exotic pets, being wild animals that are domesticated, offer many pros for their owners. You need to take proper care and hygiene to have a peaceful co-existence with your pet. The pet’s shelter should be clean and well maintained. Those living around Decatur should consider seeking the services of Decatur Carpet Cleaners to clean the home for your pet. This article will give you an insight into the pros and cons of keeping the exotic pets.

Pros of keeping exotic pets

Keeping exotic pets comes with its many benefits that have attracted exotic pet owners. These include:

1. Unique and Beautiful.

Most exotic pets are unique and physically attractive. Take, for instance, emperor scorpions, white tigers or even wild cats. These animals tend to have unique looks that are so attractive and irresistible.

2. Special Characteristics.snake

Unlike traditional pets, exotic pets struggle with relationships and interactions between each other and of course with humans. Their special characters tend to show as they try to acclimatize in domesticated areas. These can endear them further to pet owners and teach human beings many lessons.

3. Less allergic reactions.

If you are susceptible to pet allergies that are mostly caused by the dander in furry pets, then exotic pets can be the best alternative for you. You can opt for exotic pets such as lizards, sugar gliders, furless rats, chameleons, snakes and turtles among others. You can also keep one of the rare species of birds as an exotic pet. These animals have no fur and give you fewer worries over your allergies.

4. Powerful and prestigious.

Some exotic pets can be sources of prestige and power. Such animals as lions, tigers and bears exude a lot of power that makes them attractive especially to rich owners. Keeping the big cats as exotic pets can gain you respect and fame amongst your friends and neighbors. It can also keep intruders away from your home.

5. Need Small Spaces.

If you have a small apartment, keeping a dog or cat may cramp your space. However, small exotic pet alternatives can be convenient for you, even in a small space. Animals such as lizards, tarantulas, scorpions, snakes and sugar gliders will not take up a large amount of space in your house.

Cons of Raising Exotic Pets

Despite the many advantages of raising exotic animals as pets, there also many challenges that can make it difficult to live with these animals as pets. Before adopting exotic pets, there are some key concerns that you need to be aware of.

1. Can be aggressive and dangerous.

Exotic pets are usually wild by nature, and even when domesticated it is difficult to erase completely their wild traits. There have been stories of exotic pets such as snakes and alligators turning on their owners and mauling them. You, therefore, have to consider this wild nature of the exotic pets and how to cope with their untamable, wild traits before adopting them.

2. Diseases and viruses.

Exotic pets, like all wild animals, may harbor certain viruses and pathogens that are foreign to humans and traditional pets. These pathogens can be very deadly especially if contracted by humans. Unfortunately, there are very few veterinarians that specialize in wild animals, and this makes it difficult to handle such animals. Besides, vaccines against these animals are rare because they are naturally assumed to live in the wild. These issues can create a problem in case your exotic pet falls ill or you become unwell due to exposure to these animals.

3. Expensive to keep.tiger

Not all exotic pets are cheap to maintain. Some of them such as the big cats and animals have very enormous appetites and need a lot of space for shelter. Before bringing these pets home, you have to budget for such costs.

4. Legal challenges.

Over the recent past, there have been many legal issues surrounding the adoption and raising of exotic pets. In some states, licensing for the adoption of exotic pets have been introduced. Other states have also introduced insurance for keeping exotic pets while others have completely banned the rearing of exotic pets. You, therefore, have to prepare yourself to meet the legal requirements needed before adopting your exotic pet.

5. Constant supervision.

Exotic pets often take more time to acclimatize to domestication, and they are sensitive to their environments. Furthermore, some are very inquisitive and stubborn by nature. Depending on the type of exotic pet you choose to adopt, you might be forced to spend lots of time supervising and caring for them.

All said and done, exotic pets are rare animals that can bring you a lot of joy and happiness. However, you have to do your research and only adopt a pet that meets your needs and financial circumstances. Legal requirements regarding exotic pets cannot be contravened, and you, therefore, have to consider and fulfill them before bringing your pet home.