The Best Exotic Invertebrates to Keep Today

tarantulaInvertebrates are fascinating species to keep, but not all of them are ideally suited for beginners. Some are poisonous posing a huge risk to keeping them. Choosing the right one from a vast array of spiders, scuttling insects, scorpions among others, represent a daunting prospect. When starting out, it is good to identify which ones are docile and which ones are aggressive, to command a highly specialized care.

We have outlined our list of the top 5 inverts exotic pet enthusiasts should keep.

1. Tarantula

Tarantulas give some people the creeps dues to their associated hairy bodies and legs. However, these animals are harmless to humans except for a painful bite. They have a mild venom weaker than the typical bee’s. These spiders do not need a large home – a small plastic tank is ideal as long as it has a firmly-fit top. Within the tank, the temperature needs to be kept around 28 degrees Celsius.

2. Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

The Madagascan hissing cockroach is a large wingless species from Madagascar, an island off the coast of Africa. It is a fascinating insect due to its unusual ability to produce sound. It eats about anything edible and likes to hide in places such as leaf litters, rotten barks and old cardboard.

3. Praying Mantis

praying-mantisThe praying mantis is an amazing animal to be kept as a pet once you learn a few things about them. Mantis need air and their home should be well ventilated. If you keep the pet on a larger enclosure, you may need lots of things for your pet mantis to climb on. Mantis drink water droplets from plant leaves and do not need water dish. They feed on other insects using their strong front legs.

4. Triops

Triops are small freshwater shrimps that grow from tiny eggs that can be bought from toy and pet shops. Commonly known as tadpoles, they are common species found in American shops. They are fun to watch as they swim and cartwheel in search for food. Triops have their gills on the sides of their legs meaning they breathe with their feet.

5. Giant African Land snails

The giant African land snail is an excellent pet to keep, and can grow to measure 10-20 cm long. They are suitable pets for elementary school-age kids who can learn from watching them crawl, grow, eat and breed. Snails are so easy and cheap, almost free to keep. Keeping these exotic pets in your yard would help preserve your yard and grass.