How to Adopt and Care for a Monkey as Pet

pet-monkeysAre you a pet monkey enthusiast who love taking care of monkeys of all species and animals in general? Pet monkeys seem cute, cuddly to handle, attention getters and intelligent at all times. The most intelligent ones possess human-like traits and can perform fascinating tasks such as flipping a light switch, towing movable objects, memorizing numbers, climbing on bookshelves and perform other related monkey-helper tasks.

Legal Adoption Issues

Some states do not legalize owning of pet monkeys, meaning it may be difficult to move or travel across states with your pet monkey. Other states allow monkeys to be kept as pets but impose strict regulations on conditions under which the should be kept. Look into laws within your jurisdiction to find out if they permit or restrict keeping these animals.

Preparing to Bring a Monkey Home

Monkeys are in order of primates and are divided into families. Each type of monkey has unique characteristics that affect how suitable they are to keep. Certain kinds of monkeys are more common as pets than others. The most frequently purchased include the following;

  • Marmosets
  • Capuchins
  • Spider Monkeys
  • Squirrel Monkeys

Caution should be exercised when buying a pet monkey. Extensive research about the behavioral needs of monkeys, their adaptations, health risks and handling need to be done before bringing one home. The adult ones may not be the companion you are hoping for as they are strong-willed and intelligent enough to get into trouble.

Food and Shelter

pet-monkey-careAs a pet monkey owner, the first thing you need is to build or buy a monkey cage. Monkeys can spend most of their time outside the cage during the day, but she will need a place to stay and rest at night and at times she is not playing. The cage should be big enough as monkeys need plenty of space to run, jump and exercise. Small cages would make the monkey agitated and potentially aggressive. You can purchase a cage, or prepare a customized one that suits the needs of your pet.

Monkeys should always have access to clean water, and you may use clean water bottles to serve this purpose. Feed them with fresh fruits and vegetables or commercial monkey food. Also, purchase monkey biscuits as they contain the right combination of vitamins and minerals to meet the needs of the monkey. You may equally feed them with mealworms, hard boiled eggs, rice, yogurt, monkey grasshoppers, grains, and nuts.

Caring for Pet Monkeys

Owning a pet monkey comes with her challenges. Caring for monkeys requires a lot of time, patience, and commitment. They require attention all day and may not be left with lots of freedom for long hours. Leaving them unattended could result in them being bored, depressed or getting aggressive. Establish a relationship with an exotic animal veterinarian as they shall supply you with the necessary information concerning equipment, care and nutritional needs of your pet. Give your pet plenty of toys. These pets need variety of stimulation to be happy