Tips on Living With Your Exotic Pets

scorpionExotic pets are loved for their unique looks and nature. Even though they are domesticated, these animals belong in the wild and as such cannot fully be tamed. They have extra needs compared to traditional pets such as dogs and cats.Furthermore, these animals can be very susceptible to illnesses and even death if not well cared for. It is thus important to treat your exotic pets with extra care and conduct research on their special needs. This list comprises of tips that can help you care for your exotic pets and enable them to live a full life.(more…)
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Exercises for Your Exotic Pets

LionAnimals need exercise, just like human beings. Lack of exercise can cause mental distress and health problems for exotic pets. Some of the importance of exercise in exotic pets includes:

- Helps to avoid obesity - Prevents loss of muscle tone - Prevents accumulation of fats around animal organs and subsequent illness - Averts aggression due to confinement in one place - Averts boredom and depression especially if exercise is fun and playful

While dogs and cats are walked, some exotic pets may not be exercised in a similar manner. We have created a list of activities that you might introduce in your exotic pet exercise routine.(more…)
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Exotic Pets Nutritional Guide and Advice

snakeA nutritious, balanced diet is essential to keeping your exotic pet healthy. Exotic pets’ nutritional needs are dependent mostly on three factors - Age, Activity level, and Ideal weight. Selecting the right food for your exotic pet that will keep the pet healthy and energetic, starts with knowing the pet's eating habits and lifestyle. You should always give your pet a complete and balanced food. With over 20 million Americans owning exotic animals, it is, therefore, important to discuss the necessary nutrition to these pets.(more…)
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The Pros and Cons of Adopting Exotic Pets

monkeyIt is estimated that more than 20 million exotic pets are being kept in different homes across the US. The popularity of exotic pet keeping has grown massively over the last couple of years and many people are opting for these animals over the traditional pets such as dogs and cats. Exotic pets, being wild animals that are domesticated, offer many pros for their owners. You need to take proper care and hygiene to have a peaceful co-existence with your pet. The pet’s shelter should be clean and well maintained. Those living around Decatur should consider seeking the services of Decatur Carpet Cleaners to clean the home for your pet. This article will give you an insight into the pros and cons of keeping the exotic pets.(more…)
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Environmental Needs for Exotic Pets

alligatorKeeping exotic pets give many people companionship and great happiness. Adopting an animal that has no home and might otherwise be destroyed is clearly a morally right thing to do. However, there are ethical problems involved in keeping animals as pets, especially if the animal is not properly looked after or if it is too inappropriate to keep. It is unethical to keep an animal that poses a lot of danger to other people or animals.

Understanding the Environmental Need for your Exotic Pet

Apparently, you should understand the environmental needs of your pet and have the environment set up properly even before bringing the exotic pet home. Some animals require more attention and care than others, and the best thing is to do your homework upfront, to offer the best and most adaptable environment for your pet. It is only ethical to keep an animal as a pet if both the animal's biological and psychological needs are properly catered for. Under all circumstances, always avoid these scena...
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The Potential Dangers of Keeping Exotic Pets

LionKeeping exotic pets has become such a common trend especially in the US. Many people are now opting to adopt wild animals and domesticate them in their homes. Some of the reasons for exotic pet keeping include - The unique nature and beauty of the exotic animals - The long lifespans of exotic animals - The prestige that comes with rearing exotic animals In spite of their attractiveness and alluring nature, exotic pets can be dangerous to human beings. If you are considering the adoption of an exotic pet, you need to be aware of the following potential dangers that they can cause and look for means of addressing them.(more…)
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Top 6 Factors to Consider Before Adopting an Exotic Pet

snakeWhen people hear about adopting pets, they naturally think of cats and dogs. However, exotic pets of all kinds from tigers, squirrels, raccoon, monkeys, snakes, crocodiles, sugar gliders, etc., can be adopted as well. There is a broad category of creatures that humans adopt, with which they form their unique bonds.The act of sharing your life with an animal companion is typically a pleasant experience, but you need to think before making the adoption. There are quite many things to consider when thinking about adopting an exotic pet. Below are some critical factors to consider before bringing a pet home.(more…)
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Safe Hygienic Practices for Exotic Pets

raccoon and skunkKeeping exotic pets comes with many benefits. Not only are these animals beautiful and fun to have around, but they can also make you more popular amongst your friends and neighbors. Even with these benefits, exotic pets require special care and hygienic practices.These animals are more sensitive than the traditional pets and they, therefore, have to be kept under very hygienic conditions. Additionally, being wild animals, exotic pets harbor some pathogens that can be transmitted to human beings.The fact that in most cases these animals travel from country to country makes them more prone to carrying pathogens from different places. When you decide to keep one of these exotic pets you have to take extra caution. The following are some hygienic practices that you ought to consider when adopting an exotic pet.(more…)
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10 Exotic Pets to Adopt in 2016

tigerExotic pets are the unconventional wild animals that are domesticated as pets. Although these animals are treated as pets, they cannot be entirely tamed like dogs and cats, and as such, they maintain some of their wild tendencies and traits. Exotic pets have become increasingly common especially among Americans. It is estimated that almost 20 million exotic pets are kept in different American homes.There are many reasons why people keep exotic pets. Some exotic pet owners have a love for adventure and the unique thrill of keeping such wild animals as pets help to satisfy their need for adventurous escapades. There are also those that keep the exotic pets out of sympathy and conservative motivation. Many exotic pet owners believe that they are helping to maintain the species of their endangered pets alive by protecting them within the confines of their homes. There are also those that keep these pets for prestige and power.(more…)
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