Best Exotic Birds to Keep Today

penguinsFor the majority of people around the world, owning a bird is one of the great joys of their lives.  There is a broad range of available exotic pet bird species that can be easily tamed. Exotic birds are highly entertaining pets that develop strong bonds with their owners. Research is needed when deciding to adopt birds, as some require extensive care and a great deal of daily interaction with their owners.

Here are our top 5 picks for exotic birds kept as pets.

  1. Cockatoos

The cockatoo is an intelligent and personable lovely bird to look at, and a favorite among exotic bird lovers. The bird has beautiful white feathers, some with touches of peach, salmon and yellow under the tail, on the cheeks, neck and behind the crest. These birds have a stunning display behavior as they toss out their chest and hold out their wings. They require diligent handling and care and can become extremely affectionate.

  1. Penguins

Penguins are large flightless seabirds of the Southern Hemisphere with black upper parts and white underparts. Their wings develop into flippers for swimming underwater. These flightless birds are highly adaptable to life in the water. To own penguins, you would need a constant supply of fish and possible vitamin supplements. They need a habitat with vegetation, temperature control and large deep pool of clean salt water.

  1. Macaws

macawsOften described as people’s dream bird, macaws are large long-tailed parrots with brightly colored plumage, native to the central and south America. They are beautiful and brilliantly colored members of the parrot family. Taming them is relatively easy due to their feeding adaptations. They eat different types of foods including seeds, fruits, nuts. leaves, palm fruits, flowers and stem. Parrot fanciers covet macaws due to their brilliant plumage, talking ability and colorful, intelligent personality.

  1. Caiques

Caiques are medium-small parrots with origin from South America. They have a lively and charming personality as well as being stubborn. Due to their nature, these animals need disciplined handling to become tame and friendly. They have the ability to speak, but their pronunciation is somewhat lacking as their voices shrill.

  1. Mynahs

Mynahs are one of the most popular exotic birds for decades. They are excellent talkers with the ability to mimic exact and voices and sound. Most of these birds are active and playful with amusing antics. They are so social and spend most of their time outside their cage interacting with people. However, they can be very messy and thus need due diligence when it comes to cage maintenance.

When choosing a pet for your home, the most common thought are the dogs, rabbits, cats, guinea pigs among others. The arrival of homeless parrots, macaws and other types of birds can throw the typical dog and cat combinations into disarray. Birds now present a great choice to domesticating a pet for pet enthusiasts. To be a proud bird owner, understand that these creatures require high levels of attention and care and be guided by the level of devotion you are willing to sacrifice to be an exotic bird owner.