Have you ever had the thought of how it would be neat to have a pet like a tiger, monkey or a reptile? These wild animals are collectively referred to as exotic pets, and their popularity continues to grow all over the world. When considering adopting an exotic pet, you should carefully evaluate and research where the animal came from and thus ensure you are not contributing to illegal activity. These pets require a special permit issued by the state to own them legally

Exotic pets species such as reptiles and other wild animals in captivity have the same needs as they would in the wild. The most challenging aspect is their environmental, dietary and behavioral needs. However complex, as an owner, you must be willing to meet the needs of these animals as stipulated by law.

Getting Started

ArkticĀ is an online, searchable database of animals who need homes. It is important that pet owners know how to properly care for these animals to avoid any chances of harm. Before buying one of these animals, you should research the care and handling for smooth adoption. Our mission is to raise the public awareness of the availability of high-quality adoptable pets.

We are fully committed to enlightening all pet lovers on matters related to the following;

– Common types of exotic pets to raise
– Factors to consider before adopting a pet
– Requirements for adopting a pet
– Pros and cons of raising exotic Pets
– Understanding pet behavior
– Pets environmental needs
– Pet Nutrition and advice
– Pet Hygiene practices
– Veterinary Pet Care
– Exercise for your pet
– Dangers associated with exotic pets
– Tips on living with your pets

From the comfort of your personal computers or smartphones, all pet lovers can visit ArkticĀ and find information about a pet that matches their needs. We have discussion forums, exotic pet care resource directories and a library of articles to help you in management and care of these pets. We urge anyone considering raising an exotic pet to browse our categories and find as much information as possible about the animal needs and whether they are a realistic pet to adopt.