Health and Hygiene Basics for Keeping Exotic Pets

pet-healthExotic pets are wild animals that include primates - such as monkeys, apes, and prosimians. Unusual mammals - such as bats, foxes, kinkajous, and sloths. Birds- such as parrots, mynahs, and finches, Reptiles - such as crocodiles, tortoises, snakes, and lizards. Amphibians - such as frogs, newts, and salamanders. Fishes- such as eels and rays. Invertebrates - such as crabs, crayfish, insects, spiders among others. Ownership of exotic pets involves special risk to the health of the animal keepers and the health of those around them. We should maintain conditions conducive high levels of health on sanitation, sterilization, washing the pets, cleaning their habitat with soaps, trimming trees, cutting grass, lawn mowing , driving stagnated waters, vaccination among others.


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How to Adopt and Care for a Monkey as Pet

pet-monkeysAre you a pet monkey enthusiast who love taking care of monkeys of all species and animals in general? Pet monkeys seem cute, cuddly to handle, attention getters and intelligent at all times. The most intelligent ones possess human-like traits and can perform fascinating tasks such as flipping a light switch, towing movable objects, memorizing numbers, climbing on bookshelves and perform other related monkey-helper tasks. (more…)

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The Pros and Cons of Adopting Exotic Pets

monkeyIt is estimated that more than 20 million exotic pets are being kept in different homes across the US. The popularity of exotic pet keeping has grown massively over the last couple of years and many people are opting for these animals over the traditional pets such as dogs and cats. Exotic pets, being wild animals that are domesticated, offer many pros for their owners. You need to take proper care and hygiene to have a peaceful co-existence with your pet. The pet’s shelter should be clean and well maintained. Those living around Decatur should consider seeking the services of Decatur Carpet Cleaners to clean the home for your pet. This article will give you an insight into the pros and cons of keeping the exotic pets.(more…)
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Top 5 Exotic Small Cat Species to Keep

gazeMost people believe that all exotic cats pose the same threats as a lion, tiger or leopard would. However, there are small exotic cats are not harmful and can make the best pets for a caring owner. These small exotic cats endure a lot of loneliness since no public attention is given to them unlike big cats like tigers, lions and, cheetahs. Most of the small exotic cats that are kept as pets are not of the endangered or threaten status thus making them the best pets. (more…)

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Guide to Keeping Amphibians as Exotic Pets

salamadersThe list of exotic amphibians’ pets include newts, salamanders, frogs and toads. Amphibians have become a popular choice in the pet industry. Before purchasing any amphibian pet, you need to understand their lifestyle, wants and needs. Exotic reptiles and amphibians pets have become the most common pets in the world. This is mainly due to their little maintenance attribute. Remember to get a license before buying your preferred amphibian pet to avoid hefty charges.

Below is a detailed information on how to maintain frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts pets. (more…)

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How to Own and Care for Sugar Gliders

sugar-glidersSugar gliders are basically the most extraordinary pets. They are exotic pets that belong to family marsupials. Sugar gliders have become one of the most common pets because they are sweet, cuddly and very social. Sugar gliders and very vocal and loud and bark as loud as a small dog. A sugar glider can be your companion for a very long time since they have a life expectancy of up to 15 years. Sugar gliders are very passionate and mostly after your heart. They, therefore require a lot of love and affection from the owner.

Are you looking to own a sugar glider? Read through this article to understand their traits and needs. (more…)

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How to Own a Pet Leopard

snow-leopardLeopard cubs are cuddly and beautiful right? Well, the process of owning a leopard can be a stressing one if you don’t have the right information. A leopard is a cute and wonderful animal if it is well handled and cared for properly. Before owning a leopard, consider the following factors.

Before buying a leopard pet, make sure that your state allows exotic and big cats pets. Currently, 21 states in the United States ban all dangerous exotic pets. Five states do not have laws on keeping dangerous wild animals. If you live in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Nevada and Wisconsin, then you can get a wild pet without any restrictions. If your state doesn't have a ban, you need to check the states regulations before buying the pet. (more…)

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The Best Exotic Invertebrates to Keep Today

tarantulaInvertebrates are fascinating species to keep, but not all of them are ideally suited for beginners. Some are poisonous posing a huge risk to keeping them. Choosing the right one from a vast array of spiders, scuttling insects, scorpions among others, represent a daunting prospect. When starting out, it is good to identify which ones are docile and which ones are aggressive, to command a highly specialized care.

We have outlined our list of the top 5 inverts exotic pet enthusiasts should keep. (more…)

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Best Exotic Birds to Keep Today

penguinsFor the majority of people around the world, owning a bird is one of the great joys of their lives.  There is a broad range of available exotic pet bird species that can be easily tamed. Exotic birds are highly entertaining pets that develop strong bonds with their owners. Research is needed when deciding to adopt birds, as some require extensive care and a great deal of daily interaction with their owners.

Here are our top 5 picks for exotic birds kept as pets. (more…)

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How to Domesticate Pet Wallabies

wallabyAre you for the playful pet? A wallaby is your ideal pet. Wallabies are very playful and fun to be around. Wallabies are unique little macropods with special behaviors. During hot climate, you will find wallabies licking and salivating on their pawns as a way to cool themselves. Wallabies usually regurgitate their food laying down and then re-consume it. Before buying a wallaby pet, it is very critical to understand their behaviors to know how to handle them. Wallabies are considered very cuddly, social and playful with other house pets. (more…)

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How to Keep and Care for Exotic Corn Snakes

corn-snakesBringing a pet snake into your family requires preparation. Additionally, you have to ensure that everyone will be comfortable with the new addition. Corn snakes are fascinating animals to look after, and quite easy to take care of once set up in the right environment. Now that you have decided to own a pet snake, there are a couple of things you need to get right from day-to-day care, feeding, exercising, and shelter.

There are many types of snakes, both small and gigantic, kept as pets. With more than 2,900 snake species found across the world, you would have different kinds of snakes readily available to choose from. However, we are only going to talk about keeping the most popular type- the corn snake. (more…)

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